Start-Up Visa Services

On 29 March 2019 the UK launched its Start-Up visa for early-stage but ‘high potential’ entrepreneurs who are starting a business in the UK for the first time. Key points are as follows:

  • 2 year visa for successful applicants
  • Intended for those setting up business in the UK for first time
  • Business idea needs endorsement by an endorsing body
  • But no need to show investment funding available
  • And no restriction on working outside own business
  • Dependant family members can join main applicant

Everything you need to know about applying for an Start-Up visa is set out in our 'How to' guide.

Start-Up Visa: you do the ideas,
we'll do the law

We have a lot of experience providing services to entrepreneurs and overseas nationals looking to start-up in the UK. Below are some reviews we have received for the services provided:

Start-Up Visas: our service and expertise

Our Start-Up Visa expertise

Our Start-Up Visa service

 Nick Nason, principal at Edgewater Legal has worked in immigration law for over 10 years and regularly advises entrepreneurs seeking to enter or remain in the UK.  

A thought-leader in the field, Nick sits on the Lexis Nexis Immigration Experts panel, and regularly writes about UK immigration issues, including the immigration routes for entrepreneurs, for a leading immigration law website. He has been interviewed by both the Guardian and the i Newspaper for comment in immigration cases, and has appeared in Private Eye

As a founder himself, Nick particularly enjoys advising and assisting applicants in this route, and feels well-qualified to do so. 
  • Face to face meetings/telephone conferences as desired
  • Detailed letter of advice and guidance on the route, and what is required
  • Detailed scrutiny of supporting documents prior to submission to endorsing body, including business plan
  • Collation and preparation of the application on a shared drive
  • Very high level of client responsiveness including contact by email, phone or other means
  • Drafting of a covering letter to be sent with application
  • Preparation for interviews (if required)
  • Liaising with Home Office and endorsing body decision-makers
  • Advice and guidance on rights and responsibilities once the visa is granted, in preparation for future extension and/or settlement applications