Full Representation Service

Our Full representation service explained

  • What is our full representation service?

    We provide our full representation service to clients who instruct us to act in their application, appeal or other immigration matter

    This will generally mean that we will be listed in your application or appeal as representatives, and will have a client’s permission to liaise with the Home Office, courts, or other third parties for the duration of the matter in which we are instructed

  • In what types of work do you offer your full representation service?

    We offer full representation in the application and/or service areas listed below:

    • Family visas (e.g. spouse/fiancée visa applications)
    • British citizenship
    • Global Talent
    • Business visas, including Start-up, and Innovator routes
    • Skilled Worker
    • Sponsor Licences
    • Visit visas
    • EU Settled Status scheme
    • Indefinite Leave to Remain (all routes)
    • We also offer full representation in deportation matters, appeals in the First Tribunal and Upper Tribunals, and other complex/non-straightforward situations which may require ongoing advice and liaison with the Home Office and/or other third parties
  • What can I expect if I instruct Edgewater Legal to act for me in my immigration matter?

    Exactly what assistance you receive will depend to some extent on what you are instructing us to do. For example, the assistance provided in a partner visa application will differ from that provided in a deportation appeal

    However, in any matter, each client will receive the following, as a minimum

    • A detailed letter of advice confirming

      • Written confirmation of client instructions
      • Information and guidance about the issue you are dealing with
      • An assessment of the merits/chances of success of the application, appeal or other course of action you are pursuing
      • A detailed estimate of costs
    • A very high level of client responsiveness including contact by email, phone or other means during the evidence gathering process

    • Ongoing advice on the merits of your course of action, and the costs of pursuing it

    • Maximum effort in resolving your issue (see our client reviews for feedback)

    In any application in which we are instructed, clients can expect

    • Detailed scrutiny of the supporting documents prior to submission with collation and preparation of the application
    • Preparation of a covering letter to be filed with application (if required)
    • Collation of the supporting documents into PDF format and uploading them on the Home Office portal
    • Advice and guidance on rights and responsibilities if and when permission to stay or enter has been obtained, and what you need to do whilst working towards any applicable future application (for example, extension, settlement or citizenship)
  • How much does it cost to instruct Edgewater Legal to represent me?

    The fees applicable will depend on the service in which we are instructed. Please see our individual service pages for more information on this

  • Why instruct a lawyer to represent you in your application?

    We’re big fans of people not using lawyers. This is why we have spent time putting together videos guides on our You Tube channel to try and help people navigate the UK immigration system without the need to speak use lawyers. This is also why we ask clients to consider our review service, too, before moving forward with full-blown representations. Check out our “Do you actually need a lawyer?” section on our home page

    The main reason to instruct a regulated lawyer to manage your application or other immigration issue is that the service and advice will be regulated and insured. This means that your application is refused, and this was because of some act or omission of your representative, you can complain to the Legal Ombudsman and ultimately obtain compensation if you have suffered loss as a result of relying upon poor advice

  • Why instruct Edgewater Legal to represent you in your immigration matter?

    Your immigration matter will always be dealt with by Nick Nason, principal at Edgewater Legal. Nick is listed as an expert on the Lexis Nexis immigration experts Q&A panel: this means that he regularly fields questions from Lexis PSL subscribers (usually other UK immigration lawyers) about immigration law and policy

    Nick is also a respected commentator and contributor to Free Movement, the most widely-read UK immigration law blog. He is therefore well placed to deal with queries in relation to almost any aspect of UK immigration law and practice

    Nick is dedicated to his clients (see Edgewater Legal's reviews), and will always seek to ensure they are satisfied with the service they have received

  • How can I instruct you to represent me in our matter?

    Please send an enquiry outlining your issue via our website contact form, or to enq@edgewaterlegal.com, and we will aim to respond in 1-2 working days, usually to arrange a brief initial call to discuss your situation

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