How we provide advice and our client commitment

"Nick is an absolutely fantastic lawyer and has been a pleasure to deal with. He is always responsive, taking the time to deal with any questions I have, no matter how small. I have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and family, who have also had very positive experiences"
Zabi H, August 2017

Free initial consultation

One-off consultation


We are happy to provide brief phone consultations free of charge to prospective clients.

However, we will not be able to offer substantive advice during any such initial consultation, the purpose of which will be

  • to establish the parameters of the issues in any given case,
  • give a view on whether or not the individual or company would benefit from immigration advice, and, if so, its likely cost.​ 

We offer one-off consultations to individuals for a fixed fee of £150, and to companies or businesses (including Tier 1 (Entrepreneurs) and Tier 1 (Investors)) for £250. The aim of the one-off consultation is to 

  • give clients a thorough understanding of their legal position
  • identify possible solutions, and
  • advice on what steps might be taken towards a resolution of the issue 

We provide an "checker" service for applications made by individuals prior to their submission to the Home Office. We do not provide this service for sponsorship license applications. 

The purpose of this service is to provide reassurance to those who have put together their own application, and would like expert legal advice on any ways in which it might be improved. 

The cost of this service is £400 for applications made under the Points Based System, and £250 for all other applications.

Fixed-fee representation

Many lawyers charge their clients at an hourly rate for work undertaken in their case. However, at Edgewater Legal we will almost always charge a fixed fee for the work we undertake. This makes it easier for clients to compare and contrast the amounts charged by different providers of legal advice and therefore chose between them. It also gives clients peace of mind, knowing that they will not be landed with a huge legal bill when their matter is concluded. 

In some types of case (for example, court work, or where we are assisting a Tier 2 sponsor client with operation of the Sponsorship Management (SMS) System) it is more difficult to predict the amount of work that will be required. In those circumstances, and only in those circumstances, we will agree an amount of work in advanced payable at £150 per hour. 

We will never charge clients fees that have not been expressly agreed in writing beforehand. 

Our client commitment​



We will always be honest about the merits of your case. If it is unlikely to succeed, for whatever reason, we will tell you and provide reasons why.

Edgewater Legal offers the vast majority of its services for a fixed fee. This gives certainty to clients, who know that their legal costs will be kept under control for the duration of the matter.

Many clients do not need assistance with every aspect of an application or appeal. Instead, many prefer guidance or advice at the outset of the process which they can use to undertake the work themselves, and/or reassurance before an application or appeal is submitted.

Edgewater Legal provides a range of services which cater to the needs of these clients.



Dealing with the immigration authorities can be stressful. At Edgewater Legal we understand the importance of communication with your lawyer during this process.

Where we are not able to answer calls from exisiting clients immediately, we provide a guaranteed response to messages left within 24 hours. We provide the same guarantee of a response to written enquiries.

We will give you choice as to how you would like to conduct the client-advisor relationship, including face-to-face meetings at our office or yours, video conferencing facilities, and choice as to how you would like to be updated, including a range of options afforded by modern technology.

Our service is designed to fit around our clients, not the other way around.