New country guidance case on Kurds returned to Iraq

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AAH (Iraqi Kurds – internal relocation) (CG) [[2018] UKUT 212 (IAC)]( is a recent country guidance case on the availability of internal relocation for Iraqi Kurds to the Iraqi Kurdish Region.

This case updates some of the guidance contained in AA (Iraq) v SSHD [[2017] EWCA Civ 944](, which had in turn corrected the previous Iraqi country guidance case in the Upper Tribunal of AA (Iraq) v SSHD [[2015] UKUT 544 (IAC)](

In particular, it considers whether or not internal relocation by an Iraqi Kurd to the IKR would be reasonable given the obstacles he or she would face: namely, getting there from Baghdad, crossing the border into the IKR, and then living there.

The case re-emphasises the importance of obtaining an Iraqi Civil Status Identity Document (“CSID”) for all returnees, the possession of which will impact heavily on the feasibility of relocation.

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