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We believe that immigration and immigrants bring huge benefits to the social, cultural and economic life of the United Kingdom. 

We also believe that immigration processes for individuals and businesses are stressful, difficult to understand, and unnecessarily expensive.

And we believe that everyone, from the largest corporate to the individual applicant, has the right to a well-qualified lawyer at affordable rates.

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It is for these reasons that Edgewater Legal was founded and, accordingly, it is our mission to provide clients with exceptional levels of service, and to give advice and assistance about a complex and ever-shifting area of law in a straightforward way. 

Edgewater Legal is based at offices in Victoria (pictured, above) and led by experienced immigration practitioner, Nick Nason, a specialist immigration lawyer since 2009. Nick regularly writes for Free Movement , the leading site for commentary and analysis of UK immigration law and policy. Further information about Nick is available here .
Immigration Lawyer Nick Nason

Our expertise

'an expert on European immigration...'  -  The Guardian , 24 August 2017

We understand that instructing a lawyer is a big step. There are many organisations offering immigration advice services, and it can be difficult to chose between them.

We provide here details of cases in which the team at Edgewater Legal have been involved, as well as widely-read examples of insightful writing and legal commentary, so you can be better informed about the choice you are making.

Immigration Appeal


Legal commentary

The Edgewater Legal team has significant experience of representation before the immigration tribunals in a wide range of cases.

In the following examples, the lawyer who conducted the hearing also undertook the majority of the the preparation for the hearing, including taking witness statements from clients and collating the evidence.

By clicking on the case name you will be able to read the judge's decision in each case, and the reason why the client was successful:

ECO v Coombs : a case on the minimum income rules for non-British spouses. The appeal against refusal of the initial visa was allowed at the First Tier Tribunal, and successfully defended at the Upper Tribunal. 

Kouis v SSHD : representation of a Belarusian appellant in a highly complex statelessness case, which included preparing the case for court and locating key evidence which led to its satisfactory conclusion after almost 10 years litigation. Conduct of the Home Office in the case branded a matter of 'public disgrace'. 

ES v SSHD: case concerning the alleged improper conduct of judge, and failure to accord ES a fair hearing. The Upper Tribunal determined that the initial hearing had been procedurally unfair, and that the judge had not given adequate reasons for dismissing the client's appeal, leading to a re-hearing. 
The Edgewater Legal team regularly writes for Free Movement , the leading site for commentary and legal analysis of UK immigration law and policy. The following articles are included by way of example:

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visas : a detailed piece investigating the Home Office decision-making process for entrepreneur visas, and a must-read for anyone making an application to enter the UK under this route.

Edgewater Legal has more recently covered important case law on the ' genuine entrepreneur test ' and how it is conducted, as well as the job creation requirements  for extension applicants - including the risks of getting it wrong .

Tier 2 and Brexit : required reading for employers looking to hire foreign talent, exploring the way in which the UK work permit scheme operates, and the risks of expanding a similar system to include European nationals after Brexit.

Edgewater Legal has written for legal platform Lexoo about how Tier 2 sponsors can prepare for a Home Office visit, and the serious consequences for licence holders when things go wrong.  

See the full list of Free Movement articles for further insight into various areas of immigration law and practice. 

Members of the Edgewater Legal team have also been published on t he Justice Gap website in relation to (ultimately successful) efforts to secure release of a detained client, demonstrating relentless pursuit of a client's best interests.